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Last update, Sept. 2021 4-min read

| Introduction

First of all, you should know that it is required to have a local bank account for most of the administrative procedures you will have to carry out (registration with the Health Insurance, electricity/gas plan, mobile plan, internet bundle, housing aid application).

We therefore strongly recommend that you open a local bank account as soon as you arrive in France, as this will make it easier for you 👍

We compared all the French banks based on 4 criteria:

Digital and easy to use
Bank account & Mastercard
Inexpensive, no hidden fees
Multilingual customer support

A bank stands out from the crowd and meets all these criteria, Monese.

Local bank account

Our recommendation, Monese

Digital bank, €0 monthly fee

The perfect solution for international students

Why do we recommend Monese? Because it is the only digital bank to offer a French IBAN and you will need it for most of your administrative procedures in France.

Opening a bank account is free and only takes minutes: all you need is a smartphone. Also, customer support is multilingual (French, English, Spanish…) 👌

Free bank account
French IBAN
Free Mastercard (€4,95 for delivery)
Cash withdrawals: 2% fee after 200€
Multilingual customer support

Open your Monese account