Our story

Our story

The idea

It all starts in Perth back in 2011. Adrien and Théo decided to go and live for a year Down Under, to perfect their English and discover this incredible country that is Australia. The adventure is great and the preparations are in full swing: VISA, health insurance, English lessons, accommodation, flights… this is the first time the two friends have left the fold and they make sure they have thought of everything.

In their searches, they came across a golden mine: australia-australie.com, a website that summarized everything you had to do before leaving France. The community was very responsive and we found all the information we needed on their forum. Preparations were quickly completed & they finally flew to Australia! Everything went according to plan there: the administrative procedures were quickly completed and their Working Holiday VISA allowed them to find a job within a couple a weeks.

Upon their return to France, they realized how much australia-australia facilitated their stay in Perth. Throughout 2012-2018, they kept travelling (Spain, Poland, Indonesia) and everywhere they went they realized that expatriates, whether students or workers, face the same issues, regardless of the country they travel to.

Language barrier

The French language is considered complicated and this will certainly be your first challenge, especially since English is not widely used here. An example?

In France, most service websites (telecoms, banks, electricity, etc.) are not translated into English, which makes your move to the country even harder.

Legal obligations

VISA, registration to the Public Health Insurance, subscription to a civil liability insurance… there are plenty of mandatory procedures that you have to do.

These procedures can be complicated when you are alone, that’s why we offer you to handle all your paperwork.

Housing search

Medium-term stay and language barrier hinder the search for accommodation, especially in large cities where demand is high.

In addition, landlords tend to favour tenants who undertake to stay for a long time, with a French guarantor.


Opening a bank account, subscribing to a home insurance: there are many administrative procedures when you live abroad for a period over 3 months.

Administrative procedures can sometimes turn into a real nightmare! We are here to relieve you of this burden 🙂

Project birth

It will be until 2017 before the project emerges from the ground. The idea becomes a entrepreneurial project and Adrien and Théo start working on StudyinFrance. What exactly is it about?

Our goal? Make life easier for international students in France.

How? By helping them as soon as they arrive in the country: we inform them of all their legal obligations, assist them in their housing search and make sure their administrative procedures go smoothly (health insurance, home insurance, electricity, mobile & internet plans…).

In 2019, StudyinFrance joins the incubator of Euratechnologies, in Lille, and the entrepreneurial adventure begins for good!

StudyinFrance’s founders

Adrien CORNEE - StudyinFrance


Adrien is passionate about entrepreneurship, sports and travel, always looking for new experiences to arouse his curiosity. At StudyinFrance, Adrien is in charge of partnerships.

Théo DEBROIZE - StudyinFrance


Digital Nomad‘ at heart, Theo has a home port in Brittany and a permanent desire to discover a new country, its culture and its gastronomy. At StudyinFrance, Théo takes care of our website and our student community.