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What should I keep in mind?

Updated September 2020    5-minutes read

Updated September 2020    5-min read

You have just arrived in France and are looking for a mobile plan? Because you are probably here for a short period, we assume that you are looking for a no-commitment plan without cancellation fees.

We compared each plan to determine which one is most suitable for international students and were quite surprised to learn that:

  • No cell phone networks has translated their website into English.
  • Most cell phone networks only accept French banks (IBAN starting with FR XX).
  • Some cell phone networks require a 12-month or 24-month commitment.

Good news though, we’ve found something for you! 🤗

Which cell phone network to choose?

There are 4 major cell phone networks in France: Orange, SFR, Free and Bouygues.

Competition is fierce, which is why you’ll easily find good deals such as RED’s. RED is the low-cost subsidiary of SFR. With RED, you’ll benefit from the excellent coverage of the SFR network at more competitive prices.

French mobile plans

Our recommendation, RED by SFR

A mobile plan tailored to international students.

Customise your mobile plan to your needs

RED is the subsidiary of SFR, one of the major cell phone networks in the France. RED offers a 14€/month plan with unlimited calls, 80 GO of internet in France and 10 GO in Europe. All their mobile plans are without commitment, nor cancellation fees 👍

You can subscribe online on RED’s website or directly via the Welcome Desk. You might need a French bank account to sign up (check out Monese).

Price: €14/month
Unlimited phone calls in France
Internet: 80GO in France/ 10GO EU
No commitment, no cancellation fees
Website in French*

* StudyinFrance takes care of your mobile plan for you, check out our Welcome Desk.

Check out RED's plans

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