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What should I keep in mind?

Updated September 2020    5-minutes read

Updated September 2020    5-min read

You’re probably in France for only a few months and insurances might not be one of your top priorities. However, there are two types of insurance that you must take out: home insurance and civil liability insurance.

This is a legal obligation which applies to everyone living in France. Here is what you need to know 😉

01 In France, the tenant must take out home insurance as soon as he enters the accommodation. Failure to take out this insurance may result in the termination of the rental contract or even the eviction of the tenant.

02 In the same way, civil liability insurance is compulsory for all people living in France. This insurance policy protects you in the event of material, immaterial or bodily damage caused to a third party. The good news is that civil liability insurance is often included in your home insurance policy 😊

03 Take care of it today with Luko, a web-based insurance that has convinced several thousand households since its creation in 2016.

Home insurance France

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StudyinFrance allows you to manage all the administrative procedures related to your stay in France online, including your home and liability insurance contracts. Check out our Welcome Desk.

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