Guarantors in France

What do I need to remember?

Updated August 2020    5-minutes read

Updated August 2020    5-min read

Providing a guarantor is complicated for international students because landlords usually ask for French guarantors. We make it easier for you: here is what you need to know to find a guarantor for you stay in France 🙂

Three things to keep in mind

01 In France, guarantors* are required if you are on a low income and wish to rent accommodation. If you are a student, there is a strong chance that you will fit into this category.

02 If you are looking for a guarantor, we strongly advise you to go through  Garantme. You can also apply to VISALE, a rental deposit managed by “Action Logement”, a public organisation.

03 You can manage all your administrative procedures, including the application for a guarantor, on our Welcome Desk. Search for accommodation, home insurance, internet box, mobile phone package, bank account… everything is easily done through the Welcome Desk.

* The guarantor is the person who undertakes to pay the rent on your behalf in you fail to do it yourself.

Garant étudiants étrangers

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The best solution for international students

Garantme is the rental deposit most used by owners, estate agencies and student residences. Most of them are therefore familiar with Garantme and this gives your application a better chance of being accepted.

For international students, this is the ideal solution: customer support is multilingual (French, English, Chinese) and the quality of service is excellent. We particularly appreciate the responsiveness of Garantme, which issues you with a certificate of eligibility within 24 hours after you submit your application 🤗

Simple procedure
Online form
French, English or Chinese
Certificate of eligibility within 24 hours
TrustPilot reviews: 4,8/5

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