French bank account

What should I keep in mind?

Updated August 2020    5-minutes read

Updated August 2020     5-min read

First of all, you should know that it is required to have a French bank account for most of the administrative procedures you will have to carry out (registration with the Health Insurance, electricity/gas plan, mobile plan, internet bundle, housing aid application).

We therefore strongly recommend that you open a French bank account as soon as you arrive in France, as this will make it easier for you 👍

We compared all the French banks based on 4 criteria:

Digital and easy to use
Bank account & Mastercard
Inexpensive, no hidden fees
Multilingual customer support

A bank stands out from the crowd and meets all these criteria, Monese.

French bank account

Our recommendation, Monese

Open your digital bank account in no time!

The perfect solution for international students

Why do we recommend Monese? Because it is the only neobank to offer a French IBAN and you will need it for most of your business in France.

Opening a bank account is free and virtually instantaneous: all you need is a smartphone. Also, customer support is multilingual (French, English, Spanish…) 👌

Free bank account
French IBAN
Free Mastercard (€4,95 for delivery)
Cash withdrawals: 2% fee after 200€
Multilingual customer support

Open your Monese account

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Welcome Desk

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