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Reims, City of Coronations

182 000 inhabitants
12th French largest city
Around 28 000 students

Reims is the twelfth largest city in France and has almost 28 000 students.

Its architectural heritage, its many small shops, its parks and its proximity to both other large cities and to nature make the City of Coronations a pleasant place to live.

Reims is also a city with many gastronomic specialities. It is the city of Champagne! In fact, you’ll probably get the opportunity to discover how this wine is made (Champagne producers guided tour, tasting sessions…). Another gastronomic speciality of Reims is the pink biscuits.

And if you are not interested in the Cathedral of Reims, nor in the Champagne and pink biscuits for which our city is famous, you should know that Reims is also a city rich in cultural events: Johannine celebrations and the Magnifique Society in June, Flâneries musicales throughout the summer, the Reims Scènes d’Europe festival in December, … not to mention our team sports’ weekly games (hockey, football, handball) and the concerts given at the Cartonnerie throughout the year 😀

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In the heart of Champagne-Ardenne

Living in Reims is an opportunity to explore the nature of the Champagne region!

Accessible by train or car, you can go for a walk in the mountains surrounding Reims; visit the Champagne vineyards in Epernay (the world capital of Champagne and home to the most expensive avenue in the world), Aÿ or Hautvillers; go hiking in the southern Ardennes; and swim in the Der lake. Reims is also close to other historic cities such as Châlons-en-Champagne, Château-Thierry and Laon.

The city of kings is also well connected to the major French tourist cities (by train): Paris (45min), Strasbourg (1h30), Lille (2h). Also, thanks to its ideal location in the North-East of France, Reims offers the possibility to go to Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg in just a few hours drive.

Finally, if you miss the sea, the North Sea is only three hours away by car 😉

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