| ESN Belfort-Montbéliard

Salut, my name is Bartholdix, official mascot (and star!) of ESN BM and I’ll be your main point of contact (or BFF) within the association. Add me on Facebook and I’ll be delighted to show you around and keep you on the DL for all of our events, gatherings, trips and whatnot, as well as other useful information and tips from partners and student-based organisations in the area! 😊

You can also drop me a DM before your arrival in France, or once you are already in Belfort or Montbéliard to ask questions about the student life in our Campus, how to find a place to live, getting assistance on all the administrative procedures, opening a bank account, etc.

Fun-fact: My name is Bartholdix in honor of Auguste Bartholdi, painter and sculptor from the French Alsace region and of international fame for being the author of the statue of Liberty, but above all, the magnificent Belfort Lion!

Bartholdix - ESN mascot